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Your New Pediatric Dental Home

Kid Tested, Parent Approved

Welcome to Kids Tooth Team! Our caring crew works hard to create positive dental experiences for kids of all ages and needs. With our upbeat attitudes and compassionate, encouraging approach, we aim to establish healthy oral habits that will last a lifetime. Looking for a new pediatric dentist in Kyle for your kiddos? Contact us today to schedule your next appointment!

Directions To Kids Tooth Team From Kyle

We’re Just 15 Minutes Away

Kids Tooth Team is proud to serve little patients from Kyle, Manchaca, Buda, and beyond! If you live in Kyle and are ready to establish a dental home for your child, look no further than Kids Tooth Team. Our office is located at 1245 Main StreetBuilding B-2, Suite 300, just 15 minutes away from the heart of Kyle, Texas. To access our office from Kyle, follow the I-35 N to Frontage Rd., then take exit 220. You’ll find our practice just off of Main Street and directly next to Marcos Pizza. We can’t wait to see you and your child soon!

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Our Featured Services

Tailored Treatments

No smile is the same! That’s why we provide custom plans for every child to address their unique needs and set them up for long term success. Our wide range of services include Zirconia crowns, special needs care, sedation options, and so much more. No matter your child’s health concerns, sensitivities, or abilities, our team is happy to accommodate and provide a comfortable, fun, and relaxing experience from start to finish.

Tools and Technology

Cutting Edge Care For Your Kiddo

We understand that dental visits can be nerve wracking for little ones, especially if they’ve never been before. We’re happy to provide your child with a gentle introduction to dentistry by offering virtual consults! You and your little one can chat with Dr. Alex in through a video conference in the comfort of your own home before scheduling your appointment.

In addition to virtual consults, our office stays up to date with world-class dental tools and technologies so your child can receive the best care possible. Our suite of sedation options and drill-less, micro-invasive dentistry techniques mean that your child spends less time in the chair and more time being a kid.

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Convenient Comforts

Details That Make A Difference

Every aspect of our office is designed to ensure a comfortable, engaging, and efficient experience for patients. When you step inside, you’ll notice a cafe-like lounge for parents and a play area for little ones. Our operatories include ceiling mounted TVs, noise-cancelling headphones, and even therapy dogs for a soothing, memorable visit. To ensure a swift, seamless appointment for you and your child, we now offer online scheduling and digital forms. You can conviniently schedule your next appointment, upload insurance documents, or download your child’s records right from your phone or computer.

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Howdy Partner!

We love welcoming new folks ‘round these parts. If you’re planning your first visit, be sure to take advantage of our new patient special. With a free second opinion consultation, we’ll make sure your little one gets started off on the right foot at our office.

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The Benefits of Establishing a Dental Home

A “dental home” is the office where your child will receive most of their dental care throughout their childhood. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends establishing your child’s dental home by age 1. There are a few key benefits to establishing a dental home:

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Track Oral Development

Coming to Kids Tooth Team regularly ensures that we can keep an eye on your child’s teeth and jaw bones as they grow, so we can identify any potential oral development or orthodontic problems early. It also allows us to reinforce great nutrition and oral hygiene habits to your child. This allows us to provide your child with a better overall level of dental care.

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Build a Relationship

You and your children will get to know Dr. Alex and the staff at Kids Tooth Team. The process of going to the dentist will seem more familiar, which will help prevent dental anxiety. A dental home also helps provide guidance on every stage of dental development and growth so that you always know what to expect for your child’s oral health.

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Encourage Lifelong Oral Health

Your child will be able to learn everything they need to know to adopt great oral care habits, and keep their smile healthy for the rest of their life. In addition to having a friendly dental family to see for your regular check ups and cleanings, it is important to establish a dental home in case of a dental emergency. Should your child experience dental trauma after hours, having the ability to call your “dental home” for immediate treatment is essential, as many dental emergencies are time-sensitive.

Protect Your Child’s Teeth With Fluoride

We offer both traditional fluoride treatments as well as a newer fluoride option, called silver diamine fluoride (SDF), that helps stop cavities in their tracks. Silver diamine fluoride is a minimally invasive treatment option that is painted onto cavities to help prevent their growth and in some cases, reverse the cavity process. This is a great option for young or uncooperative children who cannot tolerate other options to repair their cavity.

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Fluoride Treatments

Routine fluoride treatments consist of a fluoride-rich varnish or foam that Dr. Alex will apply to your child’s teeth after their cleaning appointment. This fluoride helps attract minerals to your child’s teeth, strengthening them and even reversing the first stage of tooth decay. These fluoride treatments can be applied every six months to help maintain healthy teeth and prevent cavities from forming.

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Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF)

SDF uses a special blend of silver, fluoride, ammonia, and water, which is applied directly to a cavity to halt its progression. SDF is used as an alternative or interim treatment to fillings for baby (and occasionally adult) teeth. It may be a good option if you don’t think a filling is right for your child, or if your child can’t safely tolerate a filling due to age or cooperation.

The liquid does permanently stain the tooth black, but in some cases it can be combined with a white filling to minimize the appearance, and we can always remove the staining at a later date when your child can tolerate more advanced treatment.

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