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Minimally Invasive Restorative Dentistry

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Tooth Fillings With No Drilling and No Pain!

Even with the most diligent preventative measures, tooth decay sometimes happens. The good news is that modern dental innovations mean many kids’ cavities can now be filled without drilling. If you are interested in minimally invasive dentistry, please visit one of our three office locations in Buda, TX, South Austin, TX, and Kyle

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Tooth Decay

Our mouths are filled with bacteria, and the foods that we eat, especially sugars and starches, help bacteria grow and produce acids. The acids eat into the protective enamel on teeth, creating flaws that weaken the tooth’s structure and eventually lead to tooth decay.

  • The first stage of tooth decay is the demineralization of the tooth’s enamel, and when this happens, white spots appear on the tooth’s surface.
  • The next stage is when the enamel breaks down more and the white spots become brown.
  • After this, the decay reaches the tooth’s dentin.
  • Until recently, signs of decay have been treated by drilling that removes it. After drilling, the hole, or cavity, is filled with filling material.

Today, if the decay is spotted before it reaches the dentin, the problem can be solved with infiltration treatment rather than drilling.

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What is Infiltration Treatment?

When a dentist spots white or brown spots on a tooth, infiltration treatment uses resin to arrest decay’s development before it reaches the dentin. The resin penetrates the weak spots on the tooth’s enamel and hardens there. This serves three purposes:

  • It smooths the tooth’s surface and eliminates spots on it.
  • It stops decay before it destroys the tooth below the enamel.And, unlike traditional fillings, it does these things without destroying any of the healthy parts of the tooth.
  • And, unlike traditional fillings, it does these things without destroying any of the healthy parts of the tooth.

Tooth filling with no drilling is a major advance in kids’ dentistry, stopping decay in its tracks without pain or destruction of healthy tooth surfaces.

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