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Preparing for Your First Visit

If you’re getting ready to bring your child in for the first time, you may have a few questions about how to best prepare for their visit. The best thing you can do to prepare for your child’s first visit is to get them excited! Let them know that this is something to look forward to. Tell them how proud you are that they have grown and are big enough to come to the dentist for the first time. Instead of feeling anxious or nervous, they’ll look forward to the new experience. 

Because our forms are digital, you will not have to print anything out ahead of time. Just be sure to bring any pertinent medical history or insurance information, and we’ll take care of the rest! Our knowledgeable team is always here for you and we are happy to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to reach out and give us a call today!

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At what age should my child start seeing the dentist?

Ideally, we recommend scheduling your child’s first dental visit once they turn one year old, or whenever their first tooth emerges (whichever comes first). The AAPD, also recommends an age-one dental visit. We will be able to check to make sure their oral health is developing properly and answer any questions you may have about how to care for their teeth.

We will also do a head and neck cancer screening, which is an important part of coming to the dentist at any age. But don’t worry, if your child is a bit older and they haven’t visited the dentist yet, the best time to start is now! The earlier they start seeing the dentist, the more familiarized with the process they will become.

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What is a dental home?

A dental home is defined as the place where your child will receive their dental care throughout childhood until adolescence. By coming to the same dentist regularly, we’ll be able to track your child’s oral health development and easily identify potential concerns while they are small and easily treatable.

Plus, we’ll get to know your child’s personality to provide an individualized dental experience and a greater overall level of care. Plus, they’ll get to know Dr. Alex and the team, allowing them to feel comfortable relaxed in our office.

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What is the difference between a regular dentist and a pediatric dentist?

Pediatric dentists are experts in delivering kid-friendly care! The dental needs of children are different from the needs of adults. A pediatric dentist must complete an additional two years of pediatric-focused training compared to a general dentist - that’s a total of 6 years of education after college.

While general dentists can care for a wide age range of patients, pediatric dentists, like Dr. Alex, focus exclusively on children's dental issues. They undergo extensive training and education to be able to care for little smiles, specifically.

A large part of this advanced training is focused on pediatric behavior management techniques that facilitate a comfortable and safe environment for children. This means they can provide more individualized, compassionate, and gentle care for little smiles.

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Why does my child need sedation?

Sedation can be a good option for children who:

  • are anxious about upcoming treatment
  • require a large amount of care, or the dental treatment being performed is complex
  • are unable to safely be treated with minimally invasive options
  • have severe dental anxiety (afraid of needles, drills, etc.)

Dr. Alex is skilled and experienced in administering sedation for children. They will be completely safe and in expert hands. With a wide variety of sedation options, we’ll be able to meet your child’s needs and keep them comfortable throughout their visit.

Sedation is rarely the only option for a child’s treatment, so be assured that Dr. Alex and the team will go through each and every safe and reasonable treatment option with you before we decide on what is the right choice for your child.

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Why are my child’s teeth so yellow?

There are several reasons that your child’s teeth may appear discolored or yellow.

  • They could be starting to get new adult teeth in. Baby teeth and adult teeth are actually different colors; baby teeth tend to be a bright white, while adult teeth appear more yellow! So if your child has a baby tooth and adult tooth right next to each other, it may just appear that the adult tooth is a little more yellow than the baby tooth.
  • Plaque could be building up and causing a color change. Most children need professional dental cleanings every six months, but if your child tends to “build up” plaque and calculus more, they may need to come in more frequently.
  • If the tooth is chalky white or brownish, the color change may be from a cavity starting on that tooth.

No matter the reason, we are always happy to take a look to make sure your child’s smile is as healthy and happy as possible.

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Does my child need braces?

It is important to be seen by a pediatric dentist every 6 months so that we can closely monitor your child’s dental and facial growth and development. Some kids need to see an orthodontist early (around 6 or 7), while others don’t need to go in until later (12 or 13). As we monitor the development, we will let you know when and if your child needs to have a referral to the orthodontist and send one in when they are ready!

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When do I bring my kid to the dentist for the first time?

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How do I take care of my infant’s teeth?

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How much fluoride should I use?

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What if my kid is nervous about the dentist?

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How can I help prevent cavities for my kid?

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What if my kid is really nervous about the dentist?

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How often should I take my kids to the dentist?

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Does my kid need braces?

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