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Restorative Dentistry For Kids

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Minimally-Invasive Restorative Dentistry

Kids Tooth Team provides cutting-edge, gentle treatment options beyond traditional dentistry. Alongside customary fillings and crowns, our pediatric specialists offer innovative, drill-less techniques like ICON resin infiltration and the Hall crown method. Though not ideal for every scenario, these minimally-invasive solutions prioritize comfort and reduce anxiety for young patients. By focusing on the latest advancements in pain-free dentistry, children feel at ease in our kid-friendly environment while benefiting from modern restorative care. To learn more about keeping your child’s teeth healthy without the drill, contact Kids Tooth Team in South Austin today!

Composite Dental Fillings

Kids Tooth Team exclusively provides tooth-colored composite resin fillings (no old-fashioned silver amalgam)! Composite bonds tightly, strengthens surrounding tooth structure, and preserves the natural aesthetic of the tooth, unlike metals. Parents can trust our pediatric dentists to deliver the most advanced dental filling options for enhancing children's oral health. By choosing composite restorations from our state-of-the-art South Austin facility, kids flaunt healthy, radiant smiles.

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Space Maintainers

Premature loss of children’s baby teeth risks development. Without placeholders, neighboring teeth migrate into vacant spaces instead of upholding proper alignment. To prevent this, our South Austin pediatric dentists provides space maintainers. These apparatuses preserve gaps left by absent baby teeth, allowing permanent teeth to assume correct positioning. By stabilizing surrounding teeth, space maintainers enable ideal dental maturation for healthy bites throughout adulthood. Our pediatric dentists customize this intervention to suit individual children’s oral growth.

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Kids with restricted tongue/lip mobility may undergo frenectomies at Kids Tooth Team. This simple procedure snips restrictive tissue bands below the tongue (tongue tie) or upper lip.

Not every child will need a frenectomy. Our dentists carefully assess anatomical limitations alongside feeding or speech delays before recommending surgery. We only perform corrections where clearly beneficial, not due to trendy pressure.

If told your child needs frenectomy without thorough diagnosis, see Kids Tooth Team in South Austin for a free second opinion. Our experienced pediatric dentists make prudent surgical decisions to nurture optimal function for children.

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Tooth Extractions

Kids Tooth Team performs necessary baby and permanent tooth extractions as gently as possible. Our extensively trained pediatric dentists handle basic and complex cases requiring surgical extraction. We remove mesiodens (extra midline teeth) through precise surgery, creating space for neighboring teeth to align properly.

For local pre-braces patients, our South Austin office extracts teeth to ease crowding issues per orthodontists' recommendations. We also extract baby and adult teeth severely damaged by decay after attempts to restore prove unviable. Regardless of the reason, Kids Tooth Team approaches extractions thoughtfully, minimizing discomfort through advanced techniques.

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FREE Second Opinions!

We love welcoming new folks ‘round these parts. If you’re planning your first visit, be sure to take advantage of our new patient special. With a free second opinion consultation, we’ll make sure your little one gets started off on the right foot at our South Austin office!

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Our Options for Pediatric Pre-Fab Dental Crowns

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Stainless Steel Crowns

Kids Tooth Team in South Austin provides durable stainless steel crowns to restore damaged baby teeth. These affordable “tooth helmets” can be placed traditionally with drilling or via our unique Hall Technique requiring no anesthesia or shots. Both approaches effectively halt decay under protective cap.

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Zirconia Crowns

For aesthetically pleasing reinforcement of front baby teeth, our South Austin office uses pearly zirconia ceramic crowns indistinguishable from natural enamel. We uniquely restore baby teeth with zirconia, too! These beautiful white crowns keep kid's smiles healthy and radiant.

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Hall Technique

Our pediatric dentists use the no-shot, no-drill Hall Technique to install stainless steel crowns and stop cavities without numbing or excavating. This minimally invasive method allows teeth to naturally adjust while blocking decay progression. It’s a proven approach that minimizes discomfort for small smiles!

Nerve Treatment Options

If your child has an infected tooth, we offer two different nerve treatment options to treat their tooth and restore their smile.

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When decay reaches the nerve of children’s baby teeth, Kids Tooth Team performs pulpotomies. We open teeth, remove infected pulp tops and apply medication to remaining healthy tissue, prompting healing. Unlike lengthy adult root canals, we swiftly complete pulpotomies and tooth restoration in a single appointment.

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If pulpotomies don't restore severely infected baby teeth, our South Austin dentists do complete pulp removal and canal cleansing (pulpectomies). We save infected baby teeth other practices may extract. If told extraction is the only option, see us for a second opinion on whether a pulpectomy can rescue your child's tooth and smile!

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If My Child Has A Cavity On A Baby Tooth, Do They Still Need To Have It Treated?

Absolutely! Though baby teeth eventually fall out around ages 11-12, they play crucial roles in chewing, speaking clearly, and beaming confidently for years prior. Neglecting cavities leaves children vulnerable to worsening tooth pain, sensitivity and even infections spreading internally. If you notice dark spots, visible holes/pits, complaints of discomfort, or inflamed gums, promptly bring your child to Kids Tooth Team in South Austin. The sooner Dr. Alex treats decay, the sooner relief and healing begin!

To restore damaged baby teeth, we often use stainless steel or tooth-colored zirconia crowns to provide durability. Sealants also prevent future decay in children’s healthy teeth. With multiple preventive and restorative options available in our kid-friendly office, we can customize treatment plans to rehabilitate baby teeth for years of healthy functioning. Call Kids Tooth Team in South Austin today to schedule an assessment!

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How Do I Know If My Child Needs Space Maintainers?

Premature loss of children’s baby teeth may necessitate space maintainers, placeholders preventing problematic teeth migration. Specifically, accidents knocking out teeth too early often warrant these devices. They maintain proper gaps so permanent teeth emerge correctly later, not pushed aside by collapsing space.

However, naturally loosening or falling baby teeth rarely require intervention since adult teeth nearly ready to descend fill spaces quickly. To determine if a traumatically lost tooth demands a space maintainer for your child’s smile, consult Kids Tooth Team’s pediatric dentists. Dr. Alex will examine the gap and take x-rays, then advise whether intervention is appropriate to enable ideal dental development. Don’t guess - let our specialists guide space maintainer decisions tailored to your child’s oral growth!

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What Are The Signs My Child Needs A Frenectomy?

Infants with restrictive tongue or lip tissue often struggle painfully with breast or bottle feeding. Excessive fussiness, poor weight gain, frequent hiccups, and constant burping may signify oral restrictions. As children grow, chewing and swallowing difficulties or speech impediments like lisps signal potential ties.

Determining whether frenectomy will benefit children can prove challenging for parents. But Kids Tooth Team's seasoned pediatric dentists possess discerning diagnostic skills. We quickly examine anatomical aspects and functional impairments to gauge severity. If releases are deemed beneficial, we tailor frenectomy procedures to match each child’s needs - no unnecessary surgeries!

Through compassionate consultation, Kids Tooth Team eases families’ worries and confusion when ties present oral dysfunction. Contact us today to evaluate your child’s candidacy for comfortable, judicious frenectomy care.

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Why Would My Child Need A Tooth Extraction?

Children with healthy smiles won't need teeth pulled, except for some wisdom teeth removed later for space. Otherwise, Kids Tooth Team only extracts baby or adult teeth as an absolute last resort when no other treatment suffices. We exhaust all options first, trying to save smiles through restorative care.

However, if decay or trauma severely compromises a tooth's structural integrity, extraction may be necessary to prevent worsening complications. Additionally, some orthodontic treatments demand strategic removal to alleviate crowding.

Whenever extraction is unavoidable, Dr. Alex gently performs the procedure under sedation at our South Austin office. For resulting gaps in little smiles, we provide space maintainers to preserve areas for incoming permanent teeth. If an extracted mature tooth requires replacement, we first stabilize space with a temporary bridge. Then around ages 16-18 when jaw growth concludes, dental implants emerge as the ideal substitution, allowing durable, natural-looking restoration.

Through conscientious diagnostics and care, Kids Tooth Team dentists make judicious extraction decisions focused fully on nurturing your child's best oral wellbeing.

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