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Preventive Dentistry For Kids

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The Importance of Preventive Care

A healthy, bright smile starts early. At Kids Tooth Team in South Austin, TX, we understand the importance of preventive dental care for protecting your child's oral health during these formative years. With regular check-ups and cleanings, we can monitor for proper development, catch small problems before they become big issues, and teach good brushing and flossing habits to prevent cavities down the road. Our friendly staff also creates a welcoming environment for your child to establish a comfortable, positive relationship. Invest in your child's future oral health and schedule regular preventive appointments with Kids Tooth Team today!

Teeth Cleanings & Oral Exams

Regular teeth cleanings and check-ups are a cornerstone of preventive care at Kids Tooth Team. Every 6 months, your child will visit our South Austin office for a cleaning and exam with one of our friendly hygienists. We'll gently remove built-up plaque and tartar, polish away stains, and make sure their smile stays sparkling clean.

Then one of our pediatric dentistry specialists will perform a comprehensive oral health exam, checking for proper tooth development, signs of decay, and growth of wisdom teeth. We'll also carefully inspect their tongue, gums, cheeks and palate. This includes a quick and painless oral cancer screening. Any necessary x-rays will be taken to catch small problems before they become big issues.

We'll review all findings and treatment options with you, explaining everything in simple terms along the way. Our top priority is helping South Austin families protect their children's oral health in a comfortable, kid-friendly environment. We're your partners in prevention and early intervention for a lifetime of happy, healthy smiles!

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Sports Mouth Guards

Whether your child is playing soccer, football, basketball or more, protect that bright smile during active play with a customized mouthguard from Kids Tooth Team. With so many South Austin youth participating in collision and contact sports, a properly fitted guard drastically reduces the risk of knocked out, broken or loose teeth. Athletes are 60 times more likely to experience dental trauma without one! Help your young athlete gear up properly for the field or court with an essential mouthguard from Kids Tooth Team today!

Dental Sealants

South Austin families know that prevention is key for protecting children's smiles. That's why dental sealants from Kids Tooth Team are such an effective cavity prevention tool. We apply a thin plastic coating to the chewing surfaces of back teeth, forming a barrier that keeps out bacteria and food particles. Hardened by a quick UV light treatment, sealants protect the teeth from acid and decay for years. This painless procedure only takes minutes but the benefits last over a decade when maintained properly. By sealing vulnerable pits and grooves as soon as new molars emerge, we safeguard your child's oral health. Ask our South Austin team about sealants — tiny preventive measures with a huge impact for long-lasting, healthy smiles.

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FREE Second Opinions!

We love welcoming new folks ‘round these parts. If you’re planning your first visit, be sure to take advantage of our new patient special. With a free second opinion consultation, we’ll make sure your little one gets started off on the right foot at our office.

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The Benefits of Establishing a Dental Home

Establishing a dental home in South Austin by age 1, as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, provides important benefits for your child's oral health. Our goal is to ensure South Austin families are well informed about these benefits so they can make the right decisions for their children.

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Track Oral Development

Bringing your child to Kids Tooth Team's South Austin office for regular dental checkups enables our doctors to monitor tooth and jaw bone development, identifying any potential issues early on. Our centralized location provides a convenient dental home for South Austin families long-term.

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Build a

Local families get to know our friendly pediatric dentists and staff on a personal level, making visits to our South Austin office stress-free and fun! By establishing this dental home, kids in the area can feel comfortable and avoid dental anxiety, while parents receive guidance on emerging oral health needs.

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Encourage Lifelong Oral Health

At our South Austin dental office, kids gain knowledge to adopt healthy lifelong dental care regimens. Along with routine cleanings and exams, our dentists handle after-hours dental emergencies for South Austin children should dental trauma ever occur. From early intervention in emergencies to fostering good habits from a young age, South Austin parents can count on Kids Tooth Team.

Protect Your Child’s Teeth With Fluoride

At our South Austin dental office, we offer both traditional fluoride treatments and an advanced liquid fluoride called silver diamine fluoride (SDF) to stop cavities. These minimally invasive options are perfect for young or wiggly children.

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Fluoride Treatments

Every 6 months, South Austin children can receive a fluoride varnish or foam coating after their routine cleaning. This fluoride application at our South Austin dental office strengthens tooth enamel and reverses early decay by attracting healthy minerals. It's a simple way for local families to maintain children's healthy smiles between visits.

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Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF)

SDF is an interim solution our dentists apply directly onto cavities to halt further progression. This liquid medication combines silver, fluoride, ammonia and water. Parents often choose SDF for babies and toddlers who can’t tolerate traditional fillings. While SDF does permanently stain teeth black, we can minimize its appearance by combining it with a tooth-colored filling. As children become more cooperative, we can also replace the staining with a traditional filling.

Have Questions About Preventive Dentistry?

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What Dental Problems Could My Child Have?

Tooth decay is the most prevalent issue among children. Both baby and permanent teeth are vulnerable when kids consume excessive sugar, and inadequate oral hygiene habits allow cavity-causing bacteria to thrive. Over time, acid produced from leftover food particles eats away at tooth enamel.

To prevent childhood cavities, parents must limit sugary snacks, ensure thorough twice-daily brushing, and maintain regular visits to Kids Tooth Team's South Austin office every 6 months. Cleanings remove bacteria and reinforce stellar homecare.

While less common, other potential problems include misaligned bites, developmental abnormalities, early tooth loss, and tongue/lip ties. Dental injuries like cracked teeth may also occur if children fall while playing sports. Regardless of your child’s specific oral health challenges, Kids Tooth Team's skilled dentists have the knowledge and experience to get young smiles back on track to good health. With Dr. Alex leading our kid-friendly South Austin dental office, your child will receive compassionate treatment tailored to their unique needs.

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Why Are Baby Teeth Important?

Baby teeth play crucial roles in children’s development between ages 3-13. First, they enable essential functions like chewing, clear speech, and beaming smiles! Parents must help tiny teeth stay healthy through nutritious diets and consistent brushing. If pain or other issues arise, Dr. Alex's kid-friendly South Austin dental office examines baby teeth and remedies problems early on.

Additionally, baby teeth pave the way for permanent teeth to emerge properly spaced and aligned. Premature loss of children’s baby teeth can cause unfortunate shifting. Our South Austin dentists will place space maintainers to preserve gaps so adult teeth can assume their correct positions. Through conscientious care of baby teeth and routine visits with Kids Tooth Team, local children can set the stage for stellar grown-up smiles!

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How Often Should My Child Visit The Dentist?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry advises bringing infants to the dentist by age 1 or when the first tooth erupts. Subsequently, children require checkups with Dr. Alex at Kids Tooth Team South Austin every 6 months. At these visits, cleanings remove plaque and tartar to minimize cavities/gum disease risks. Exams and x-rays also detect emerging issues early. Our kid-friendly South Austin dental office builds familiarity with dentist visits to prevent anxiety and empower healthy habits. With regular care from ages 1-6, children adopt lifetime prevention mindsets, learn excellent at-home dental care techniques, and keep their smiles sparkling. When local families make routine checkups at our dental office a priority, Kids Tooth Team provides individualized guidance for protecting little teeth.

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When Can Kids Start Brushing On Their Own?

Parents often wonder when children can brush independently. Around age 5-6, most kids develop the dexterity akin to tying shoes. This milestone indicates readiness to take over toothbrushing with parental supervision. Until then, moms and dads must brush tiny teeth twice daily.

Once children brush solo, families should make it an enjoyable group activity. Parents can model proper techniques so kids learn comprehensive cleaning. Supervising their work also ensures they adopt best practices rather than rushing.

Flossing's finer motor skills generally arise later, around ages 7-8. Still, parents must floss for children nightly as this removes debris brushing misses. When kids can floss solo, apply oversight first to instill thorough habits that will sustain their exceptional oral health for years. Whether brushing or flossing, Kids Tooth Team’s South Austin dentists advise hands-on parental participation in childhood homecare routines.

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Is Fluoride Bad For My Child?

Fluoride is a cavity-combatting hero, not a villain! Science proves fluoride's safety and efficacy for fortifying young smiles. This mineral attracts enamel-building calcium and phosphorus to teeth, bolstering them against decay. Despite myths, fluoride poses no risk to children’s wellbeing.

Kids Tooth Team dentists enthusiastically endorse fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash. These products withstand oral acid attacks, shielding teeth from battering by sugary snacks. Parents can rest easier knowing fluoride briskly safeguards little smiles. Dr. Alex confirms fluoride sparks smiles by preventatively strengthening children’s teeth for a lifetime of oral health!

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