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Minimally Invasive Restorative Dentistry

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Tooth Fillings With No Drilling and No Pain!

While diligent prevention helps, some decay still occurs. Fortunately, recent advances allow treating many childhood cavities without drilling. Kids Tooth Team provides these minimally invasive techniques at our South Austin office location, sparing kids from discomfort.

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Understanding Tooth Decay

Our mouths are filled with all kinds of bacteria! And some of that bacteria feed on food particles, like sugars and starches. Those types of foods help bacteria grow and produce acids that erode protective enamel. Eventually, this can weaken the tooth’s structure and lead to tooth decay. The stages of tooth decay include:

  • Demineralization - Acids create tiny flaws in enamel that appear as white spots on the teeth.
  • Enamel Breakdown - White spots begin to turn brown as damage progresses.
  • Dentin Infection - Decay reaches inner tooth layers.
  • Decay Removal & Filling - Traditional drilling excavates decay followed by a filling.

Nowadays, decay caught early while still localized in enamel can often be treated with infiltration versus drilling into healthy tooth structure.

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What is Infiltration Treatment?

When white and brown spots appear on the tooth, our team can use the infiltration treatment. This treatment uses a dental resin to penetrate the weak spots on the tooth’s enamel, and hardens there, to stop decay before it reaches the dentin layer. This has 3 main benefits:

  • Smoothes visible decay spots on the tooth surface
  • Halts damage progression below the enamel
  • Avoids removing any healthy tooth structure

Infiltration treatment is a major pediatric dentistry advance, stopping decay non-invasively before it threatens the tooth's interior. This painless approach prevents drilling healthy areas and preserves more of the natural tooth.

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