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Sedation Dentistry in San Marcos, TX

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Overcome Dental Anxiety for Your Child's Smile

Is your child feeling nervous or anxious about visiting the dentist? At Kids Tooth Team in San Marcos, we specialize in gentle sedation dentistry for kids, providing them the care they need in a comfortable and anxiety-free environment. Serving families in San Marcos, Buda, Kyle, and South Austin, our experienced team is here to help. Contact us today to explore sedation options for your child and schedule an appointment.

Laughing Gas Sedation

Laughing gas is a widely used sedation method for children. With a simple nose mask, your child will breathe in a mixture of laughing gas and oxygen, experiencing a "floaty" sensation while feeling relaxed about their surroundings. This gentle gas minimizes anxiety, fear, and discomfort, and effectively reduces a child's strong gag reflex for efficient treatment. 

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Oral Sedation

Our safe and effective oral sedation technique involves administering a liquid sedative to your child 15-30 minutes before their appointment at our office. Our experienced team will select the appropriate sedative based on your child's needs. Once the sedative takes effect, your child may feel groggy and sleepy, possibly even falling asleep during their treatment. It is normal for them to have little to no memory of the appointment or being at the dentist's office, although they remain responsive throughout the treatment.

Intranasal Sedation

For children who cannot take oral sedation medication or for quick procedures, we offer intranasal sedation. This involves spraying a sedative medication into your child's nose using a specialized sprayer. The sedative takes effect within 5-15 minutes, providing a deeper level of sedation. Your child may feel groggy or fall asleep.

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We love welcoming new folks ‘round these parts. If you’re planning your first visit, be sure to take advantage of our new patient special. With a free second opinion consultation, we’ll make sure your little one gets started off on the right foot at our office.

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The Benefits of Sedation

Why choose sedation for your child? At Kids Tooth Team, we prioritize your child's safety, comfort, and individual needs. Our sedation options are tailored to provide the right level of relaxation, and we also offer non-sedation treatment options. Rest assured, we review all treatment options together with you and your child, ensuring their safety and comfort are our top priorities.

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Relief From Dental Anxiety

Sedation dentistry helps soothe anxious children, ensuring they feel safe and secure throughout their treatment at Kids Tooth Team.

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Comfort and Calmness

With sedation, your child can remain still, comfortable, and calm during even the longest dental appointments, allowing for optimal care.

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Addressing Needle Fear and More

Sedation dentistry can help children overcome fears of needles, making numbing procedures easier. It is also effective in managing issues like a strong gag reflex.

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Is General Anesthesia Necessary for My Child?

We offer general anesthesia both in our office for healthy children and at the hospital for medically complex cases or if preferred by parents. General anesthesia is typically recommended for young children, those with special healthcare needs, or those requiring extensive dental treatment. If your child needs multiple treatments or extractions, or if they cannot tolerate awake dental procedures, general anesthesia may be the ideal option for their treatment needs.

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