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As we continue to re-enter a post-COVID-19 world, our patients’ and staff members’ health and safety continue to be top of mind, just like they always have been. 

We’d like to be transparent about sanitation standards in our healthcare space in order to ease any concerns you may have about coming in to see us at Kids Tooth Team.

Our brand-new, state of the art facility was built with COVID safety in mind. Because of this we have extensive additional safety sanitation features built right in. These additional safety measures are not required by any agency, but we’ve chosen to add these into our building so that we can keep you and your loved ones, and our team, as safe as possible. These extra measures start before you even enter our office!

Being a digital, paperless office allows us to maximize the benefits of social distancing.  You can fill out all of your paperwork online, right from the safety of your own home or vehicle.  We offer remote check-in, so you can wait in your vehicle and one of our team members will come get you when it’s time to take your family back to the treatment area - although it should be noted that patients are always welcome in our waiting rooms.  Finally, we offer remote payment options, so you can checkout right from your cell phone. 
We didn’t just stop at digital measures to ensure your safety - we custom built other safety features and technology right into the bones of our office.  Things like:

Every staff member, patient, and parent that enters the building also:

Additionally, our practice has always adhered to infection prevention protocols set by OSHA, the ADA, and the CDC. These standards include:

In addition to adhering to these standards, we will also take measures to ensure social distancing regulations can be respected in our practice so that all patients feel comfortable receiving care.

If you have any questions about our sanitation processes, please feel free to contact our office for more information.

We’re so happy to be open again and can’t wait to see you.

Dr. Alex & the entire team at Kids Tooth Team

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