Preparing For Your Child's First Dentist Visit

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1. Use Positive Language Regarding The Dentist

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First, make sure that you only use positive language to talk about dentistry. Avoid words like “hurt,” shot,” or anything else that may make your child nervous. Your attitude and the way you talk about dentistry will have an effect on your child, even if you don’t realize it.

So be positive, and don’t worry about being too specific about what will happen at your appointment. Just let your child know that the dentist will check on their teeth to make sure they are strong and healthy! Dr. Alex can handle the rest at your little one’s first appointment.

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2. Educate Your Little One By Watching Videos Or Reading Books About The Dentist

It can be helpful to teach your child a little bit about dentistry so they know what to expect at their visit. Fear of the unknown is very powerful in young kids, so if they learn a bit about dentistry before their visit, they’ll be less likely to be scared and anxious.

You can find lots of children’s books about teeth and dentistry at your local library or you can buy them from booksellers like Amazon. We also recommend browsing YouTube to find some informative videos to watch with your kids. These videos will be both fun and educational, and will help prepare your child for their first visit. 

3. Play Games Or Sing Songs When Brushing And Flossing Their Teeth

Even before you see the dentist for the first time, it can be helpful to make dentistry a bit more fun by playing games or singing songs while you brush and floss your child’s teeth. This will help build positive associations with brushing and flossing, which will be major components of their first professional teeth cleaning and oral exam! So play silly games, make funny faces, sing songs, and have a good time while you’re cleaning your child’s teeth at home. 

4. Bring Their Favorite Toy Or Blanket For Comfort 

If your kid has a toy or blanket that they love more than anything else, this can be a comforting thing to bring to their dental appointment. It will help them feel more grounded and secure while they get their first teeth cleaning and oral exam, and can also distract them to help with feelings of fear and anxiety. 

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At Kids Tooth Team, Dr. Alex uses a gentle, patient-focused, informative approach to pediatric dentistry to keep your little one feeling safe and comfortable. If you’d like to schedule an appointment just contact us online or give us a call. We’re always happy to see new little smiles at our office! We have three locations:

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