Is the Tooth Fairy Real?

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Where Was the Tooth Fairy Born?

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It turns out that the Tooth Fairy traveled very far to get all the way to America! But where did she come from? Scholars have traced the first appearance of this type of tradition back to the 10th century in Northern Europe. During that time, children who lost their first tooth would be paid a “tand-fe” (tooth fee), according to the earliest written records of the Norse culture. 

Why did the Norse people “pay” their children for their teeth? Well, to put it simply, children’s teeth were highly valued. They were thought to be good luck and held a lot of power. Baby teeth were often worn by warriors going into battle in the hopes that they would bestow good fortune. Children’s teeth were even burned after they fell out because parents feared that if they fell into the wrong hands, their children could be controlled or possessed by an evil witch! This is likely where the tradition of hiding them under pillows comes from. Parents would have been careful to keep track of these loose teeth while ensuring their children were happy to give them up in anticipation of a reward.

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When Did the Tooth Fairy Fly to America?

While lore around children’s teeth has been around for ages in Scandinavia, Tooth Fairy traditions didn’t really take hold in America until about a century ago. The first published mention of the tooth fairy was in a 1908 publication of the Chicago Tribune. In an article in the “Household Hints” section, author Lillian Brown gave parents advice on how to help persuade children to relinquish their baby teeth. She suggested parents have “The Tooth Fairy” exchange the baby teeth for 5 cents. If only that was still the going rate for baby teeth!

Are Your Kid’s Teeth Ready for the Tooth Fairy?

Body: You can also use the tooth fairy to encourage your kids to take better care of their teeth! Let them know that the tooth fairy wants cavity-free healthy chompers and that she gives extra special surprises for healthy teeth (whatever that surprise may be for your household.) Be sure to remind your little ones that Dr. Alex can help keep their teeth healthy and ready for the Tooth Fairy by coming in for regular cleanings, exams, and fluoride treatments. If your kiddo is due for a visit, you can contact us to schedule your appointment or book online. We have offices, one located in Buda, TX, Kyle, TX and South Austin, TX.

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