How To Encourage Your Child To Brush Their Teeth – 5 Steps To Success!

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1. Buy A Fun Toothbrush

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Lots of fun, kid-friendly toothbrushes are available at drugstores, grocery stores, and superstores like Walmart and Target. These may be as simple as standard toothbrushes with Disney or Marvel branding, or electric toothbrushes with lights or that transmit a song using vibrations while your child brushes.

So take your child with you to the store, and let them choose the toothbrush they like the most! A fun toothbrush will make brushing more enjoyable for your child.

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2. Let Your Child Pick The Flavor Of Toothpaste

You should also let your little one pick their preferred toothpaste. Kids love making decisions, especially around the age when it’s time to start brushing on their own. They can pick out kid-friendly flavors that sound good to them like grape, fruit punch, bubblegum, or cinnamon. If they love the taste of their toothpaste, they’re more likely to brush properly and regularly. 

3. Brush Together As A Family

You or your partner should brush with your child whenever it’s time to brush your teeth. There are a few reasons for this. First, you can lead by example, and show them the importance of regular dental care. Kids love to imitate their parents!

You can also take a look at their brushing technique, recommend improvements, and make sure they’re brushing for a long enough time, which ensures they develop good oral hygiene habits as they grow up.

Finally, it’s fun! You can sing silly songs, play with your child, and enjoy some fun family time while you brush your teeth in the mornings and evenings.

4. Use A Reward System To Encourage Them

A “gold star” system is a good way to make your child want to brush their teeth. Maybe when they get gold stars for brushing twice a day for a week, they get a special treat or snack – and if they make it a month brushing twice a day, they get a new little toy, or a special lunch at their favorite restaurant. Giving your child rewards helps to show your child that oral hygiene really is important. 

5. Couple Tooth Brushing With Their Favorite Song Or Show 

Grab a phone or tablet, and throw on “Baby Shark,” while you and your little one brush your teeth. Or, you can reward your child after brushing with an episode of Blippi’s YouTube series, or your child’s favorite kid’s show on Netflix! 

Don't Forget About Six-Month Teeth Cleanings And Oral Exams At Kids Tooth Team! 

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